Through its CCS Cumpanis works to reduce the community’s over-reliance on processed and refined foods, while increasing their confidence and appetite for equitable, affordable, & fresh foods.

Cumpanis CCS’s mission is to address health disparities in through hands-on health and cooking education. Cumpanis seeks to educate and empower the community to take charge of their health through interactive workshops.

Workshops facilitate:

1. Opportunities to cook food with fresh ingredients, thereby increasing the community’s confidence to prepare delicious “health-foods” at home

2. Food-system training, empowering participants with the knowledge to understand the health impact of highly processed foods

3. Opportunities to work together in groups to develop cohesion and a sense of community.


1. Reduce the community’s over-reliance on heavily processed and refined foods
2. Participants work with fresh ingredients to create healthy and culturally diverse foods.
3. Participants cultivate a sense of self-confidence through the demystifying of healthy cooking and increased food literacy
4. Participants are empowered with food system and food justice information, which leads to mobilization of their community toward health and equitable food access.
5. Participants learn how food, health and healing are interconnected.
6. Participants create community around a shared meal
7. Can serve as a gateway for participants who are interested in culinary careers

Contract with us if...

You are a system agency, non-profit, NYC public school,
or religious institution

You are working to address health disparities through
cooking education

You are working to incorporate meaningful family
engagement programming

You are looking for Food Systems training

You would like to host a team-building activity around
food and cooking

You have a team of people you want to train around
food system and food justice