Cumpanis is a multi-faceted, community-centered experience that is created when people and food come together. We facilitate cooking workshops, educational trainings and events that bring people together around food and health.

Cumpanis was founded in the South Bronx with a mission to empower community members through food. We work to educate participants with cooking, health, and food system information through interactive hands-on workshops that cultivate community.


Cumpanis envisions a future where healthy and convenient foods are accessible and available to all. We envision a healthier and more vibrant communities, where there are more home cooked meals, more dinner time connections, and equitable access to food that supports our health, the health of our environment and the local economy.


 A commitment to building strong & healthy communities

A commitment to empowering communities through health & cooking education

A commitment to serving our community

Rosanne is a Bronx native and Founder and CEO of Cumpanis. From a young age, Rosanne has cultivated a deep love for food and its power to bring people together. This inspiration led to the inception of Cumpanis, and remains central to its identity and community engagement. Incorporated in 2014, Cumpanis is a mission-driven food business aiming to revitalize the community’s connection to real food as well as creating and maintaining community around a shared table.