We don’t think you should be vegan, unless you wanna be vegan and if you do, we support you. But we do think you should eat more vegan and vegetarian meals. Less meat, more plants, more seeds, more grains with integrity, properly prepared. We think you should, regardless of diet label, consume fermented foods and beverages - they aid in good gut health and have been part of diets since the beginning of time. You should not fear (real) fat, most of us are still scarred by the low-fat craze of our recent past. Saturated fats like tallow, lard and schmaltz have sustained us for millions of years. Olive oil and butter have been with us loooong before chronic heart disease and obesity. 

We think you should consume less de-natured products; the industry processed stuff with long shelf life and long list of ingredients. This type of product is new to the food scene and new to our bodies - it merits caution. We think that if you want a burger, you should try making it yourself from the best cow you can find, of course. A cow that lived the way nature intended, not the way conventional meat industries impose. And while you’re eating a happy cow, you should also eat its organs. 

We think that even-though it may feel like you will die while you are doing it, fasting a meal or two wont kill you, it may in-fact help you live longer. We believe that if you want health, you should look past government guidelines and look at traditional diets; their diets have stood the test of time.

We are advocates of nature, the environment, and of real foods — even the decadent ones we’ve been shamed for by diet culture. The only thing better than ice cream is homemade ice cream. We think you should eat most of your food in community; with loved ones to build deeper bonds and with strangers to build new ones. So by all means — gather the best ingredients you can find, get a good recipe (ask your grandmother, mother or friend), cook and enjoy in community!

If it’s quality ingredients and prepared by human hands, it’s good - all good!